All alone in Bedsit land 200th Post

I can't believe I'm already at 200 posts, the time has flown and Ive changed so much in terms of where I'm going with my photography. Most people who know me would say that Ive always been prepared to give things a go and do things a little bit differently but over the last few months I feel my imagination and madness has exploded all over  the place and from the responses Ive been getting on here and on other sites people seem to be appreciating what I'm creating. So a big thank you to everyone who has commented, followed and suggested, those that have been here since the start and those who just found me.  I really appreciate it, massively.

 So another day and loads of stuff to deal with. Its turned really cold and frosty today and as try as I might I couldn't get warm. Im still not thawed out yet so goodness knows how I will feel when its get really cold during the winter.

Anyway here is another shot from yesterdays shoot with Krissi, this is a step in a completely different direction for both of us and comfort zones were well and truly blown to bits. Its years since ive been this nervous on a shoot but there you go, Experimentation leads to greatness as they say (someone quoted that to me last week but I'm so badly organised I cant find the mail)

I mentioned yesterday as we were packing up we found a wig, some 80's mullet and Krissi tried it on. It changed her totally so I thought of the Anakin mask, its really quite freaky, It's so plastic (literally) it almost looks like someone has had plastic surgery, the other half hates it when the boy wears it, so obviously it was ideal for a shoot.  Ive used a lot of masks in shoots recently, I like the idea of creating another identity, escaping reality, if only for a while.

So anyway here's (in my opinion) the most disturbing image I have created for a long time

This is the grown up version, the mask just terrifies me and the wig just intensifies the whole thing.  Krissi is a really attractive model so I wonder why I constantly want to distort them with blurred images are cover them in light or put masks on them. it probably says a lot about me and no doubt the doctors would have some interesting things to say.
Ive had a few interesting comments about this image and a number of people thinking it gives the appearance of being created after a drunken night out with your besties. They meant it as a compliment. I dont think I could have pre planned as the idea did just come out of the blue but then again I suppose that happens and when it does then you just have to run with it.


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