The Last Ones

Afternoon world

Ive created a little video  from the shoot with Tash using moving footage and stills, I really need to get better at shooting the stuff, the Jogger is mildly amusing.

Music by Jahzzar "The Last ones" available on  Free Music Archives

Ive almost finished editing Tash from last week. Ive now decided to call the set "The last Ones", mainly as that is the title of the track on the video but also as the set was dark and the world is going hell (im deep today).

Anyway in other news I am hopefully working with Tash again this weekend in Torquay, on the beach, with a paddling pool full of milk, in early November, what can possible go wrong?

Ive placed a few shots on Flickr of Tash and they have been well received. Well after another well disturbs nights sleep I am well knackered so Im signing off to make and make a cuppa and read more Bansky.

Have fun people.


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