Tasha and a new Album cover

Morning, I'll begin by announcing I have had another image selected  for an Album Cover. The Womb  need another cover for their new remix album 'Retroactive Continuity'. You can download it here.  I think that is now 5 covers Ive produced for them. The Model is Vicks and she is perhaps the most beautiful model I have ever worked with.
I spent most of 2013 creating light projection work and you can go take a peak over at www.lightprojectionart.co.uk.

Anyway (there has been a 12 hour gap between the above and now)Ive felt crap all day, vision blurred and massive headache and Ive just started to feel OK enough to finish this and edit a few pics.

Shot at Haldon Forest yesterday morning, we were to early to get tea (cafe didn't open till 10-how un-civilized. It was a little cold and damp but that produced some wonderful early morning mist. It was very ethereal, which was kinda ideal for a fantasy shoot.  We spent the best part of 3 hours wandering around, taking photos in a variety of formats, I had the canon but also took the Leica, 2 different Instax (wide 210 & mini 7) I will post some later.  We also shot video (I shot it so its not brilliant).

 Im not sure what was wrong with me yesterday, I kept falling over perhaps  it was a prelude todays headaches etc  I even dropped the Canon twice -oops, good job its sturdy.  

Its the second time I've worked with Tash and she's great fun, I think she maybe my new muse.  I hear the kettle boiling so that must mean I have tea waiting. I will post more tomorrow.

Dont forget if you are in the Uk the clocks go back tonight, till later. :)


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