Im rather fond of the photobooth, I like to do selfies in them plus Ive used them a few times in photoshoots. So it was only to be expected when iw as out on Sunday that Death should end up in a photobooth.

We did put some money in the machine ( awhole £2) and got 16 mini images, which the machine informs us we can not use for our passport, really? This whole set of images was inspired by Chris Clor but as I can't hope to compete with his talent or team  or budget or anything, my shots will have their own feel to them. Even though these were only ever going to be testers and experiments I'm actually quite liking them, which isn't me. As some point over the next few days I will scan the photobooth images and post them.

And because the amusements are also fun to wander round with the Grim Reaper, we went in there. I particularly like this shot. Its generally how I feel after I played those stupid grabbing machines.

In other news, i am off to London in a few weeks (my 3rd time this year :) ) I continue to work on my AS in photography, its darned hard to copy people. I get to work with the very lovely Tash again next Friday

When I got home from work today I was greeted with a box of Fuji Instax and a "Free" 210 camera :). And finally, for some reason the blog has gone mad to day, its had a months worth of views in a day- I kid you not.

Anyway Im off  more later.


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