New toy, extremely linted edition of 1

Because you can never have enough cameras, even temporary ones. I was out buying the paddling pool this morning (its quite easy to buy one in November, which surprised me, especially in this backwater-anyway more on that in a bit ), today with it being the day before Halloween  we need to carve the pumpkins, which the X-man has grown on his patch of the allotment.  Since I have been accused of having a slight obsession with cameras and photography, it was for me the obvious choice :)

The technical details, it incorporates the Fuji Instax Mini 7, its a stinker to switch on and fire when inside the pumpkin, but it was. Holes were cut out the back, for the lens, the flash and the slot for the film to eject. It kept me amused for about 30mins.

As for the pool, think Milk, think a beach early on Sunday morning, cold, probably wet, definitely  wet by the end of it and thats all you are getting for now. So in the mean time just look at the this


I also have a shoot tomorrow with Luna as part of my Death takes a day off series in Exeter. More on that later.

Till then have fun.


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