He's a stay at home dad

Continuing my Death as a domestic goddess (or having a day off at least) Heavily inspired by Chris Clor. I wanted to push the idea of Death being human and doing human things a bit further. Shot in the kitchen with the self timer, technical stuff 1/40, f3.5, iso 640 +1 step, 18mm, CWA.  Ive also taken a few shots on 35mm cameras, Fuji STX 2, with 50mm lens plus Ive dug out the Kenetech ZX3000, its all plastic but fully automatic.  The shots were edited in Photoshop elements with a bit of perfect effects 8 & smart photo editor.


There are also a few Fuji Instax mini's to go with this set, which I wills can and upload asap.

I must admit its quite funny shooting this series (its meant to be so thats all good ), the suit is darn hot and even though I only had it on for 10 mins I was beginning to melt.  These additions to the Death series are going to form part of my A level photography portfolio. I will be shooting a few images tonight.

More to follow till then have fun.


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