Getting lost

The trouble with film is you have to wait for it to be developed and the problem I have today is Ive been out over Okehampton way for a walk, in the rain & the fog on Dartmoor location hunting and getting lost, as you do. Some instead of doing about 4 miles I've done about 6 1/2. Up hill and then back down again. sat Nav is great if you can get a  signal, eyesight is better but only if you can see landmarks. I took a new path up from Meldon which then disappeared into the mist. So after climbing over a few walls and further up hill with more mist descending I turned back to the reservoir. In fact I ran back, I was beginning to get slightly disorientated by this point and despite looking at the time on the phone I thought I had lost an hour but I hadn't and quickly realised when I got back on a proper road. Crazy. I was out on a walk so I could think of ideas for a story but I was way too much into just wandering so no ideas were forth coming.

So as I can't post any shots of today's explore yet I will have to post one of Tasha> I get to work with her again tomorrow :)
We are going off to some local woods to shoot some fantasy related images, the weather is supposed to be foul but hey tress and stuff will save us (probably)

Ive found more images for my long exposure project. These were shot on the train coming back from Taunton to Newton. This is a tester shot with the Colour Splash (thats going to get some hammer when i go back upto London)

Rights its time to pack the bag for tomorrow. I will be shooting, Digital (Canon 600D), Instant Fuji Instant 210 & mini 7 plus the Leica and the Color Splash (it never fails) Im also shooting lots of video of Tash which will be up sometime tomorrow. Till then stay safe


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