Death, wheelbarrows and other stories

We'll get to death in a moment but scrolling through FB I found this  on Lost at E Minor, it is beautiful, funny and the applause around 2.53 is just great. I did think the construction of the barrow at the start was a bit. The whole thing is so funny.

I'm getting really slow at writing these, or perhaps its other things getting in the way. I did start this post yesterday but hey.  Anyway, Death takes a day off has moved on, here is an unedited version from yesterday, haven't had time to mess with it yet,  I think i will leave the cars in but I will probably re-shoot it at some point this week, its now raining so maybe a few days. I'm really enjoying the series and I'm working with a model called Luna on Friday, we are doing the Launderette and the photo booth and the cafe plus a few others.

As promised I have got a few shots of the  street art  from Teignmouth on Sunday. I used the Diana F+ with 35mm back. Ive since taken the back off and turned it back into 120mm and filled it with Fuji 400pro ready for London. But here are the the shots from Sunday.

"3 wise men" was posted next to Nosferatu, he was watching them.  They are like something out of a modern gangster movie.  It wasn't tagged.

 "Cyber Goth Girl" again shot with the Diana, its on the outside of the gallery Caroline was exhibiting at.

Ive been in the garage over the last few days putting cameras away but came across this. The Praktica Super TL3, its big and bulky and rather heavy but it has a Domiplan 2.8 lens. So I will have to test it out.

More later, have fun and stay dry where ever you are.


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