Death takes a day off

The images in this series have been heavily influenced by Chris Clor,  the guy is a genius and a gazzilion miles better at photoshop than me (although truth be told he probably has Someone retouch his work).  If you can remember a while a go I mentioned for laughs I was going to take an AS in photography (sheer madness) Chris is one of the photographers I am writing about and trying to emulate. The whole process is the hardest thing I have ever done. Its really difficult to copy someone else's work and I can't back out as it will look like I've bottled it-aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

This is the first image and a test edit, surprisingly Im not 100% convinced. I had loads of time to wait this morning, Ben (death) had car trouble and got delayed so as I was waiting I looked around the area and spotted a few things that could be used in the image. This post box stood out and I wanted to include it, so off I went to the shop to buy a post card for Death to post (20p it cost me).

We spent just over an hour in and around Torquay sea front, Ben was thoroughly enjoying himself as Death, was skipping about like a kid. I'm not sure the good people of Torquay knew what was going on, most laughed as we went by, some literally ran.  By the time we got the beach (the tide had consent to go out a bit) there were lots of people on with dogs and kids but as soon as we stepped on to the sand, everyone moved 30feet away from us. It was quite funny to watch them scatter but as soon as we packed up they came back. weird. I suppose what was slightly more weird (then again its Torquay) a bloke came and asked what we were up to, so I got him to join in, he's in a later photo.

For the first time in months I used the Canon but somehow I knocked the AF to MF  and hadn't realised for about 10mins so this is not as sharp as I would like but as I feel there are much stronger images, Im not that bothered.

I got the train through to Torquay (for the very first time) £4.10 return, it only takes 11mins and it saves fighting through all that darn traffic and then having to park plus I got the opportunity to shoot some long exposures for my of my version of "Travelling Landscapes"  by Gabor Osz I just adore the blurred world he has created. I suppose it helps that I find it quite easy to recreate, although he used a train carriage I used a Lomo Colour Splash.

Ive created 2 slightly different edits, the first simply has a vignette added the 2nd has  additional textured layer in photoshop, craquelure,   I wanted all the images in this series to have a sense of humour, a dark sense of humour, it would have been so easy to play this for scares but thats not what Chris has done and its not what I wanted to do. Death is  having a day off so he will ( there will eb a she version in a  few weeks) and he does all this things we do, boring, mundane and tedious.

More will be posted later but for now I can small chicken and tea.  Enjoy


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