Penguin shoots again

I've just bought some Fujichrome  Provia 100F ( a box of it no less) and have just taken my first shot with it loaded into my Kershaw Eight-20 Penguin

The kershaw Eight-20 Penguin

Its quite strange looking down and Ive finally figured out that if you actually stand away from the eye piece you can see whats through the lens.

In other news, I'm doing an A level in Photography, I have no qualifications and I'm completely self-taught (I know its hard to believe) anyway I thought it would be a laugh. Unit 1 of the course you have to look at 8 photographers and "Copy" there style, I'm sort of working int he style of, which is not entirely the same thing but its the best they are going to get.

As you know of my love for Brooke Shaden, she is obviously going to be one of my photographers and this is "sort" of in the style of her, sort of. Brookes image is a different tone, the umbrella is round the other way (I had to draw the handle back in), she also has birds in a lot of her images, I have, int he past, used faeries to add surrealism to the image but that didn't seem to work on this occasion so I have left them out.  I may re-think it though.


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