The kershaw Eight-20 Penguin Roll Film camera

This mornings haul. No much for 2 hours searching but its quite a beauty. I had no intention of buying any cameras this morning, I was looking for film and camera manuals but found neither. Once upon a time you could go car booting and find loads of 35mm film, even if it was True print rubbish or the like. if you were lucky you could find a bit of 120, 110 or 126 but there was none to be had. Their were plenty of cameras available, mainly point and shoots but really nothing exciting. Then I came across this, you dont often find (I dont often see anyway) vintage cameras complete with box and manual. It was manufactured by Kershaw -Soho (Sales) Ltd London in the early 50's. Now to get some film to test it.

I was looking through a box of cameras at one pitch, nothing exciting, 1 Ricoh 35mm did catch my eye but the shutter didn't function but just after I came away from the box, the stall holder picked up the box and tipped all the cameras out (from about 5ft) on to a cloth. I was gob smacked, how he expected to sell anything by destroying his stock.

A few weeks back I joined the Uk Film Photography group on FB and got into a discussion about where you get your films developed, and someone suggested Photoghost, they do a  subscriptions service, with prices starting at £15 per month for 10 rolls of 35mm C41 and for £20 you can get all sorts of film developed and Uk postage is only £1.50. This is much cheaper than PhotoHippo and could be worth a go.


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