Picture of a Beauty Queen

So Tonight I worked with Jade, she's a model from Wales, down this way on holiday and she very kindly agreed to collaborate on the book. She's a Beauty Queen/Pageant Queen, I think I prefer the term beauty queen the kind you'd see on the cover of a magazine. Jade is a really wonderful person and the locationa nd lighting were fantastic.

We shot loads of instax (5 packs) plus a roll on the Leica C2. The instax are perhaps the best I have shot , out of the 50 shots taken I'm considering 38 of them for the book (thats too much I agree) and I think the cover image is among them.  Its great to have  such a choice of images to work with.  I will post one of two tomorrow once they are scanned and the film is developed.

As for the Leica, I have just got the roll of film back from the first time I used it, the images are unimportant as I was just testing it and I just got then processed and scanned them myself but (I'm hoping) I dont think the scanner is very good  or I'm doing something wrong (probably) but I'm not impressed. So I'm going to get these processed and scanned at Asda to see what they turn out like.

For some reason these decided to follow me or did I discovered them via twitter? who knows life is complicated anyway check out the cover and their EP its awesome Electro Pop


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