Cosmic 35

New toy has just arrived off of the 'bay, I didnt pay much for it, about £8 inc P&P. I suppose its whats called a Trash Camera, although thats perhaps a bit harsh. The main issue is the hinge on the back of the camera is broken(not mentioned in listing but the photo did show the back off so its my fault) whether this makes a significant difference to the camera or not remains to be seen. I have loaded it with Agfa Vista Plus 400 and put silver gaffa tape over the hinge to stop any potential light getting in so the results should be interesting.

Anyway its the first Russian camera I have owned, so even if it doesn't work properly it will look good on the shelf.  It has shutter speeds 1/15 -1/250 plus B, the timer is not working but I knew that and its certainly not an issue and the aperture ranges from F4 to F16. Its a solid beast, mainly plastic with the odd bit of metal. But it does have a really good bit to hold on to.
I am busy packing cameras into bags for Tuesday, so far I have 2 bags full (probably about 9 so far) including an instamtic but I may just take that out.  Yesterday I managed to get myself involved with a transatlantic project with a photographer from Chicago named Kate. We are each going to shoot a roll of 35mm film then rewind it and post it off to each other so we can shoot over it again. The results could be astounding.So tomorrow I am going looking for a cheap plastic 35mm camera that I can rewind the film (I know I have plenty I could use but I want to send Kate the whole camera and not just the film)


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