Bullet Brownie 127

The results are back in from the non 35mm cameras I took to London the other week. First impressions are, nothing went right in London and the results are screaming this. There are only 3 or 4 images from the Diana which I am not pleased about. I only got the 110 processed (it was almost £6 extra to get them scanned) but I am booting the scanner up now to do them.

However, there are 7 images on the 127 film shot on the Brownie Bullet, most are full of grain, which PS can do a lot about. The colours are a bit funny and they are not fantastically sharp but what can you expect from a camera than was discontinued 50 years ago and the film  is well  passed its sell-by date( sometime in the 80's)

All things consider they are not bad, apart from the grain, the leaks, the under exposure. I'm really pleased that I have something to show from the trip.

Its years since Ive used 110 film, more like decades and its a  film that really needs to be shot in really bright sunlight (London was dull) but here are 3 shots taken on  keganeko ( I bought it wales-why?)
The quality is really crappy and there is noise somewhere around 11 (if the camera had a  noise control). I'm also intrigued by all the sratches on the film, they are pretty severe.

I also shot some at Lucy & Oz's wedding, they are better but still bad

The film was out of date but not by long, a few years.

I will post more later


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