Brooke Shaden

On Tuesday I met someone who I never thought I would meet in a million years. Ive mentioned her on here once or twice, Brook came to London to do a "Free" open air get together chat and workshop event. How many world famous photographers would do that I ask you? Brooke was amazing with everyone that was there, she had time for hugs and hand shakes and conversation, anyone who wanted to say something was more than welcome to do so.

I had had a number of panic attacks during the day, London freaks me out but I love it all the same and it won't stop me going back. There must have been 50 people there on Tuesday evening and I don't really do crowds, so I spent most of the time people watching, although I did speak to a few people briefly. One was a lovely girl from Edinburgh, I didnt ask her name so she will be known as Edinburgh
I think the RHS shot is my fav, it has an awkwardness about it and the litter to the left is great. the instax have all be really impressive, yes they are not 100% compared to any DSLR but the colours are accurate and the tones rather lovely.
Kelly is one of Brooke s assistants and has been in at least 1 of her videos if not more. i did shoot quite a few shots of Kelly on the STX2 but as it failed I dont have anything but this one, which i am quite gutted about but at least the instax performed.

This is Anna, everybody wanted to take her photograph and its not difficult to see why. I think she is Swedish (but I'm not 100%), again the failure of the SLR breaks my heart.

Again no idea who this is, sorry. But again she was in great demand during the evening.
This girl, again unknown was very brave as she volunteered to model for the night, as you can see (or possibly not) she was under the trees and as darkness crept up and the light started to fail the Instax started to struggle, even with the flash. the image still has possibilities though. i like how the night surrounds her as if about to smother her but the flash is there to save the day (just)

My last image of the day, im not sure if she was French more like Italian but as I didnt ask chances are we will never know.Again she was lovely and how could I not add another Redhead to my collection.

Tuesday and Brookes get together taught me a number of things

  1. there are a lot of nice people out there who won't make judgements
  2. Brooke Shaden is exactly like you see in her videos, she is one of the most lovely, warm hearted people I have ever met.
  3. Its possible to create beautiful images with nothing but a click of the button. Imagination is the key (I need to push mine further and open my mind)
  4. If taking film, make sure the camera is working BEFORE you go to a great event like this but at least i got some beautiful instax shots.
  5. There are probably a lot more but Im now going for tea, a cuppa that is


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