Broken Trains, failed experiments, naked old women and Brook Shaden

I got the 35mm films back from development today and I'm just ever so slightly hacked off. The Cosmic failed, totally (not much of a surprise but still a pain). The Fuji STX2 -FAILED, now this has upset me a lot as this is the camera I chose to shoot with on Brooks get together -The whole Fekking film, I could cry (Thank God I had the instax to get a few pics, the shots from the XA2 are variable but that may have been the lighting conditions, so I will give it another go. The really cheap disposable Fuji Jeans cam, surpassed itself, and actually produced a few really good shots and the rest I can work with, and of course the Colour Splash, it proved itself once again to be an amazing piece of plastic. So some of the pics
XA2 with Redscale XR
XA2 with Redscale XR
XA2 with Redscale XR
3 shots out of 36, perhaps it was the film, perhaps it was the light, perhaps I need to figure out how to use the camera
but on its first outing the Olympus XA2 failed to perform but as it is now loaded with different film I will give it another chance.

For a disposable camera, the Fuji Jeans cam worked pretty well and passed all expectations, the is grain, and they are not sharp but for a disposable its pretty good. And we had fun using it because we had such low expectations.
Fuji Jeans Cam

The guy in the Range Rover literally crawled passed Natalia to get a good look at her

Shot outside the Italian embassy, we only shot a couple of pics here as I didnt want to hang around, there were a load of security cameras. But given sufficient light I have been impressed with what an out of date disposable camera can achieve, it did fail in low light conditions as there was no flash on the camera which I find incredible. But there you go.

the Colour Splash stepped upto the mark again producing really cool images
I'm not sure if these are making me a better photographer or just making me a more frustrated photographer.  there are still 3 cameras with films to get developed, The 110, Im really not hopeful as I shot in poor light so the grain will be horrendous, the Brownie, im looking forward to and the Diana should be fine but you really have no idea how hacked off I am that the Fuji SLR failed (from memory AGAIN)

the instax will appear when they are scanned


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