As if I need more cameras....

Well I went out car booting this morning and was determined NOT to buy any more cameras, I just wanted to search and buy film, any film. The only film I found was ASP and I'm not really a fan (I have stacks of it sitting in the garage). Someone was selling 2 rolls of 35mm nothing exciting but he wanted silly money for crap film, so I didn't buy any film. I bought cameras instead (I can resist everything except temptation)

I just love the look of this Olympus AZ300 Superzoom. So for £3 it was coming home with me. Its clean and tidy, complete with batteries. I will go to Poundland tomorrow and buy film for it and it will get a run out next week.
I also bought this off the same guy for the princely sum of £2. It takes 127 and is British made!!! Thats why I bought I think, we make very little over here now and it looks pretty. Its called "Photo Magic" and is made of bakelite and has a couple of settings. Nothing complicated, a (T)time(d) shutter and (I) instant shutter. I dont suppose I will every use it but you never know.
Why the hell I bought another of these things I will never know. The fact it has film in was a deciding factor I think. The concord 110 camera.
The battery compartment needs fixing, the batteries have leaked, so the flash wont function till I sort that out (perhaps tonight). Some how I have managed to accumulate about 6 of these things. Oh well in the name of art.

My final purchase of the day was this "SupaSnaps" 126 camera

Its really just a small piece of plastic, no functions, fixed focus, the back doesn't really fit properly, its so well made. But its bright and colourful and you can use gaffa tape to cover the back. it takes 126 film, i think I have a half used 126 inside an instamatic so I might try it out next weekend. It was only 50p so I wasn't going to leave it behind.

The addiction continues.


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