You can't stop me

From the silhouettes series I shot with Ruth (and Julia)  the other week, this is Julia. Ruth's bestie who just wanted to get involved for a laugh, no other reason.. I really enjoyed that shoot, we ended up creating more than silhouettes and I'm still ploughing through the set.
This is Ruth doing her little mermaid on the rock in Copenhagen impression.

the weather forecast is good for the next few days which will be good for the wedding tomorrow and hopefully for the shoot with Tia on Thursday. Friday could be a little bit iffy but hopefully only light rain for Lucy & Oz's wedding.

I am looking forward to Thursdays shoot with Tia, we are going to do a little video work but this shoot will be the first I will be shooting entirely with film. The results should be interesting to see.
Ive also just bought this little lot of ebay for £40, there are about 20+ cameras so it should be an interesting lot


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