Olympus AX2

New toy. Im taking it to London next week when I work with Natalia and meet Brooke. Ive loaded it with some of the Redscale  Negative that I got from Lomo yesterday. its quiet a cool little camera. It didn't come with a flash but as I rarely use it thats not really a problem.

Ive also won a Cosmic 35 plastic camera (Russian) which is on its way, if I get it in time I will also take it up to London.

A number of the cameras I bought the other week had film still inside them, while 2 are on there way back from Photo Hippo, one of the old Brownie 2's had some 120 film still in it. I managed to extract it last night in my make shift darkroom (the loo with a  red torch light) I didn't look like it had been finished but as it wouldn't wind on I went in with a wing and a prayer. Having spoken to someone at Photo Hippo they are going to see if there is anything on for me. I hope there is, even 1 shot would be amazing. Doing some research on the film and camera I think the film has been in since the late 50's  Verichrome Pan (120) possibly early 60's. It maybe some kid or a dog but it could be be anything which is very exciting.

I'm off out this afternoon to get some fresh air in the lungs, I've also been swimming this morning but exercise makes me hungry.


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