I might be a fool in your eyes

A very busy day in blistering heat, hanging out of windows 30ft up to get a shot, mingling with the masses and generally doing grown up photography (But I did shoot some 110 film). Wedding photography is very stressful but pays well so i can buy more cameras to play with. So i will continue to do it when asked.

I now have a chance to sit and look at the pics that arrived this morning. they are lovely and full of light leaks and other things. I remember shooting some models in vintage clothes with the Diana but they dont appear to have survived the long wait in developing. Ive looked at the negatives (never seen 120's before) and there are blanks amongst the good ones. Its nice to see what i was up to 3 years ago.  The square format is great, it gives a totally different feel to the image. The whole shoot was an experiment, although Ive long since moved on from the vintage stuff (surprisingly i didn't fit in there, too strange (me that is) i want to explore film more and see what i can do with it. The results from yesterday with Tia are pretty cool and thats just the 35mm stuff. The 120 will be going off in the post tomorrow so it will come back next week (hopefully)

I actually worked with Cassie (model in swimsuit) last autumn on my light projection project, she's from Yorkshire and is rather lovely. with it being a long, hot and slightly stressful day I am now going to retire for the night with a mug of tea and Just William or maybe Odd Thomas. Night all.


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