Cheap plastic Cameras (is this part 2?)

I ended up taking 9 cameras with me to work with Tia and I ended up using 7. the results from 4 are here (all 35mm or instant) The 120 have been sent off for processing.  These are 3 35mm cameras, Im not sure where I got Heineken Cam from (probably ebay), the Colour Splash (£5 froma car boot) and the unbranded "Free Focus" was a £1 from a charity shop. No other equipment was used and despite the flashes on 3 of the cameras all lighting was natural (it changed a lot during the course of the shoot)

This was taken on the unbranded free focus camera, you have no control over it but it does have a hotshoe which works with my Speedlite YN462 (another cheap purchase off of Ebay) This camera was loaded with Tudor 200 (I think)

This was shot in a subway/underpass which was very dark but the Colour Splash (normal flash used-but you have a choice of Blue, Red, yellow aswell, I did use all the flash combinations)did a good job I think (Agfa Vista Plus 400) I really love my colour splash, its great fun to use.

This was shot with Heinken Cam, functions are none existent but it has a built in flash.(Agfa  Vista Plus 200)

The next was shot on a Fuji instax wide (I love this camera) Models seems to love it as well. The film is cheap and plentiful, although Argos have put up the price of a twin pack of minis to £19 but online they now sell aa load of different styles which is good but each pack costs £12.99 for 10 shots
and these are shots of the cameras used. I posted the 120's off to Photo Hippo today so hopefully i will get them back next week.


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