Cheap Plastic Cameras -Instax with Tia

Ok, this is the first in a long (hopefully) series of videos of Tia (and a few others) to show what you can do with a little imagination a bit of creativity and a great model.

Most of this blog will now focus ( bad pun) on cheap plastic cameras plus a few vintage pieces. This first video is a tester as there is a technical error in it (its easy to spot) I'm still trying to get used to Premiere Elements so the next videos will be better produced (is that proper grammar?)

Currently I'm trying to edit 2 weddings and a photo shoot with Tia but Ive just organised another with a model in London called Natalia, for when I'm there on the 5th to see Brooke, to do the same sort of thing. She is rather stunning and the emails have been extremely positive.

I'm off to buy some 35mm film of the Lomo store then go drink more tea.

Anyone see the Hungary GP today? Hamilton was amazing.  Roll on Belgium.


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