Cheap crappy cameras #1 - Kino SL3

Well I sued it for a shoot last night with Ruth & her very lovely blonde German friend Julia. It was loaded with Agfa 400 colour film and we shot around a reservoir on the Moors. Light was pretty good but we shot under the cover of trees or into direct sunlight, as you do.

So today I took the film to Asda to get developed but disaster struck, somehow the sprockets(?) on the film had split and the film was almost lost but thanks to the efforts of Caroline (I'm surprised she doesn't hide when I go in-nothing is straightforward) she persuaded the machine to process the half battered film then scanned the negatives to disc, so all is well after a scare.

Anyway for a cheap (50p) camera I am really pleased with all the light effects and faults on the photos
No faults on this one, Ruth got in touch about creating some silhouettes and this pretty much achieves what we set out to do.
The lens are the Kinon is glass but very limited so the focus is really not very sharp but it is part of the charm. Ive worked with Ruth countless times over the last few years and she is just bloody marvelous to work with.

Ruth brought along a friend, Julia, who had never modeled before but was rather good, again after silhouettes, I didnt quite manage it but thew light bouncing off the water is quite amazing.
Beautiful light leaks
And to end with a massive leak across the heads of both girls, i love it

More later.


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