What lies beneath

I know this is my 2nd post of the day & that rarely happens (sometimes 1 a day is too much) This is either total pants or its epic, I rather love it so thats all that matters.
 Its only got about 3 layers on it, chrome/B&W opac reduced to about 60%, the a blue/green layer opac. reduced to about 50%, I did add a gradient map B&W dropped over the top but I didnt like it. Its dark and moody and has a bit of tension.

the Polaroids are scanned (badly-one day I will be able to scan straight)

The top one has some damage which occurred whilst processing (can take upto ages) & the bottom one has streaks, again this probably occurred during processing. I was going to place them in a note book to keep them safe but ended up putting them in the back pocket on my camera bag and left them.  the fact that they can get damaged during processing makes me wonder how much deliberate damage I could do to it during the processing?


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