This is me

This is Krissi, she is rather lovely, was good to work with and took direction really well. Although she was a little nervous, which is not really surprising when you are having a chat on the way to the venue and she informs me about a bad experience recently with another photographer. This guys name keeps cropping up time and time again and it really hacks me off how he pushes and pushes levels especially with inexperience models, or makes them feel uncomfortable. Why? If the model isn't relaxed the results look shitty, so why do people do it? aaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway to matters in hand. We shot at Stover Country park, got there about 7pm still a lovely day so we got to it.  I took a load of different cameras both film and digital and 2 instant cameras, the Instax (shot a whole film) 200 plus a Polaroid 600 Extreme (2 shots) with new Impossible project film, its really quite good but its blue (yes blue) when the film is first ejected. And it apparently takes 30-40mins to fully process. I took a shot of Krissi early on in the shoot and stuck in the back of my camera bag but kept looking at it to check its progress. I think I will have to take a shot then record it with time lapse to watch it develop. The instax, as always, produced some really great images. I also had an old Fuji STX-2 filled with Ilford  HP5 Plus 400 film. Its years since Ive used it or B&W film for that matter, it will be used again on Tuesday so the results will be interesting. The coloursplash also made an appearance, I tried a few long exs on it with the red flash but again it will be the end of the week before I see the results.

As the whole shoot was me basically experimenting I'm pleased I got this (there are more to come) as it could have all been a big disaster. With this image I want to create something dreamy, the whole shoot will be dreamy but not always so light. Im still obsessed and no doubt always will be with alternative realities and dreams and fantasy and light & dark.

This week I have a network meeting with Torbay Models, MUA & photographers somewhere in Torquay so hopefully I will meet lovely people again and shoot lots of film and a few digital.


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