Teen Spirit

I am going to post more or less everything I have shot of Pixie on here. It was one of those shoot where I just adore everything (more or less). The editing is really easy as well. I do however wish I would remember to do lots of print screens when editing. Ive done a few p/sc below but they are not really detailed but involve a lot of gradient maps (I love gradient maps)

As you can see the last part is the copper tone that gives the image a rich brown tone. Its not complicated but its quite effective and its probably my fav tool on photoshop.

The pose is very simple but Pixie's hair and the crown and her skin tone (its not far off porcelain)  and the black dress and the trainers just make me really really happy. Thats not quite right, its more than that but the words aren't coming, yet.
I'm running out of tea so I may post more later tonight or I may just pimp the image around lots of sites.


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