last post for today lots of instax fun

Im going to post loads of instax here and write a little about each model. Zoe lives local to me and was one of the many red heads I worked with on Tuesday. I shot her at the last event but for some reason I shot her as uncle fester off of the Addams family so this time I want to show you what she looked like.

I'm a massive fan boy of Jade, she is divine and looked particularly stunning in a little black dress. I actually took at least 3 shots on Polaroid Impossible 600 film, 2 added here and nowhere else. Im not 100% sure about the quality of this Polaroid film, it takes longer to develop, which is not an issue but keeping it safe when you are out on a  shoot is proving to be a bit of a thing. They still provide a unique image but I think, especially at the cost, i prefer the Fuji Instax wide.
Josie is stunning, is mainly blonde but has red streaks so this counts. Now I really like the dark tones of the Polaroid image of her, so perhaps when I get  more money over the summer I will purchase another pack of 600.
I have loved working with Krissi, she is quiet and unassuming and just works effortlessly, not a red head but a brunette which is close enough. the theme for the event last week was Vintage and Krissi was Sandy off of Grease. I think the silhouettes work really well here, the over exposed one is also pretty cool.
I loved shooting these 2. Lisa and Natasha are big Cosplay players and are quite mad but great fun. I think over the summer I would like to work with them both.

Ah, I just adore Pixie, Im still working through the set I did with her a few weeks back. She looks really great on instant film. the tats are brilliant as well.
Josie & Pixie are really good friends, completely different looks but both bloody awesome to work with.

I worked with Sophie a few days after these were taken, she is great fun to work with. Fearless and prepared to do just about anything to get the shot. Wonderful  tattoos are great as well.
And why not end with Sophie & Jade, beautiful beautiful ladies. The Polaroid isn't bad but again I think i prefer the instax.

I shot the whole night on film. The Colour splash was awesome, the STX2 was probably very good but we will never know and the Instant stuff was as always very successful.

More later in the week.


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